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Master's D/signs is dedicated to providing members of the BDSM Lifestyle community with
Hand Crafted Leather Collars and Cuffs, Suede Collars and Cuffs, Rubber Collars and Cuffs
and the exclusive
angelSlut ™ Collection of Unique Harnesses, Bondage Lingerie, Corsets,
Collars, Cuffs, Floggers and Dungeon Furniture at affordable prices.

We will not be the least expensive site that you will find on the Internet for similar items.
However, after you view these pages we hope you will find our commitment to quality and
Hand Craftsmanship is worth your investment.
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Master's D/signs creates Hand Crafted Latigo Leather Collars, Latigo Leather Wrist Cuffs,
Latigo Leather Ankle Cuffs and Latigo Leather Thigh Cuffs for the Master, Mistress,
submissive or slave. Restraints in the form of Suede Collars, Suede Wrist Cuffs, Suede Ankle
Cuffs and Suede Thigh Cuffs in beautiful colors can be custom sized to order. Industrial
Rubber Collars, Rubber Wrist Cuffs, Rubber Ankle Cuffs and Rubber Thigh Cuffs are
available in colors of Black and White. The Master or Mistress may choose from exotic colors
of Green, Purple, Red or Silver in Foil or Metallic Laminated Leather Collars, Laminated
Leather  Wrist Cuffs, Laminated Leather Ankle Cuffs or Laminated Leather Thigh Cuffs and
revel in the appearance of their submissive or slave.

Our Restraint items allow you to select the Hardware that you wish your Collars, Wrist Cuffs,
Ankle Cuffs and Thigh Cuffs to be Hand Crafted with to make them uniquely yours and also
includes a selection of Restraint Sets at discounted prices that can include presentation and
storage cases that would make them a perfect gift for that special occasion or Dom, Domme,
Master, Mistress, submissive or slave.

Exclusive to
Master's D/signs is the angelSlut ™ Collection of Unique Body Harnesses,
Bondage Lingerie, Collars, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Thigh Cuffs, Floggers and Dungeon
Furniture. Featuring the
angelSlut ™ Bondage Bra and Bondage Garter Belt, this unique
collection of body restraints sets a new standard for erotic BDSM Bondage, Floggers and
Dungeon Furniture.

Master's D/signs angelSlut ™ Bondage Bra and angelSlut ™ Bondage Garter Belt
combine to give you the look and feel of traditional rope Bondage without the need for rope.
Your submissive or slave will find their breasts tightly bound in the
angelSlut ™ Bondage
Bra and
angelSlut ™ Bondage Garter Belt as you, her Master or Mistress decide. The
angelSlut ™ Bondage Bra and angelSlut ™ Bondage Garter Belt will be custom sized to
your exact specifications to create the look and degree of BDSM Bondage you desire.

For those who seek only the best for their submissive or slave,
Master's D/signs has
created the
angelslut ™ Ultimate Body Harness. These Harnesses are the quintessential
statement of Erotic Bondage. Each Harness is painstakingly Hand Crafted to create a look like
no other you will find. You will not find these Body Harnesses anywhere else as they require
time and skill few others are prepared to spend the time to create.

Master's D/signs collection of Floggers, although small, presents a unique opportunity for
you to select Floggers that you will not find elsewhere. Using unusual materials and
construction, these Floggers will provide hours of tactile sensation to you submissive or slave.

The Dungeon Furniture collection blends our artistry in leathercraft with woodworking skills
to create a Dungeon Horse, portable Spanking Bench and the top of the line
angelSlut ™
St. Andrews Cross that you will be proud to own and use. Both the portable Spanking Bench
and the Dungeon Horse are easily transportable so you can take the "scene" wherever you
want. Our St. Andrews Cross is visually stunning while providing the ultimate in restraint for
your submissive or slave with 16, leather restraint straps to keeps those areas of the body
that you wish to be exposed and immobile. Each portable Spanking Bench, Dungeon Horse
or St. Andrews Cross will be uniquely personalized with your choice of finishes and shipped
via the most economical means.

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Master's D/signs is a value priced selection of the Internet's hottest Fetish
Footwear from The Highest Heel. This Fetish Footwear collection encompasses 4½", 5",
5½", 5¾", 6" and 7" Shoes, Platform Shoes, Boots and Platform Boots in the most popular
Fetish Footwear styles. These Fetish Footwear Shoes, Platform Shoes, Boots and Platform
Boots are offered at prices that we believe you will find to be outstanding values.

So, if uncompromising quality by Lifestyle craftsmen using
'Olde World' techniques to
create BDSM Collars, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Thigh Cuffs, Bondage Lingerie, Bondage Bras,
Body Harnesses, Floggers and Dungeon Furniture, and a collection of the Internet's hottest
Shoes, Platform Shoes, Boots and Platform Boots at unbelievable prices is what you seek
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